How to Maintain Your Dreadlocks to Keep Them Healthy

Dreadlocks maintenance

Dreadlocks are rope like strands of hair formed by braiding small parts of hair in regular interval and then tying them. This hairstyle is quite popular and in trend due to its protective nature and sleek look which can be styled in various ways. This hair style goes well with almost every outfit.  Dreadlocks are thought to be connected to wisdom and energy. They are believed to have spiritual connection to God.


Dreadlocks may look like heavy to carry or difficult to style up, but the truth lies far away. Dreadlocks are very easy to maintain, easier than normal hair and smoothly styles up automatically with your look. If you are thinking of getting dread locks, you must have some knowledge on how to maintain them, style them and protect them. Even though they are easy to work on, still you need some tips to ease your way out. So, let’s get into it.

Tips To Keep Dreadlocks Healthy

The most important thing we all agree to is how to keep our hair in dreadlocks healthy. Healthy dreadlocks will stay styled and pretty looking for longer time.

1. Talk to an expert


An expert will provide you with all the guidelines on everything about dread locks. If you are unable to take care of them then they can help you with it. Ask all your queries to them to get every bit of information you need.

2. Re twist the locks as they loosen up.

Your hair will grow normally in dread locks. As your hair grows your dreadlocks will loosen up from the roots which can make it difficult to style up and maintain. Always renew your dreadlocks every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the dread locks and get those perfect braids. If you are not so experienced about them then you can ask your stylist to braid them regularly. Always provide your hair with a little break in between so that they don’t become thin or weak.

3. Moisturization

Your hair needs moisturization regularly to stay healthy. Oil your locks with warm coconut oil once or twice in a month to prevent dryness of scalp and hair. When you don’t feel like oiling you can use spray on moisturizer or conditioners to keep them shiny and smooth. Don’t overdose your hair with multiple products and talk to hair expert before using any product.

4. Sleep damage protection

Long braids can easily get damaged in sleep as we have no consciousness. Always tie your dread locks loosely and cover them with a silk hair cap to avoid any hair tangles and to preserve the beauty of braids. Also, when you feel like, you can remove your locks to give hair a break and regain hair structure if any damage has happened.

Tips to Wash Dreadlocks Hair

Washing hair has always been related to hair breakage and thinning if not washed properly. Dreadlocks are no exception to it. If you are using wrong methods to wash them then you might end up with thin and weak hair which looks dull and lifeless. Of course, we don’t want that. So, what are the right steps to wash. Let’s learn.

1. Wash them twice a week

Dread locks just like normal free hair can trap dust in them. Dreadlocks are more prone to get dirty than normal hair due to the locks. To prevent your scalp getting dirty damages they may born, wash them once in 4 days. Don’t wash every day, it will make them dry and unruly. Use shampoo recommended by your expert.

2. Wash them with Lukewarm water

Warm (not too hot) water can help remove dirt from deep. Soak your locks before applying shampoo. Don’t soak for more than a few seconds to prevent heat damage.

3. Shampooing

Use shampoo recommended by your stylist and according to your hair type. Take small amount shampoo, mostly in the size of a coin and rub them in between your palms to get lather. Now apply this lather on your locks and massage slowly and thoroughly. Don’t get harsh on your hair at all. More shampoo doesn’t mean good cleaning. Use only the required amount.

Shampoo for Dreadlocks

4. Rinsing after wards

Let the shampoo sit for two minutes before rinsing. It will remove all the dust and oil. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with normal water. Squeeze out extra water from locks. Don’t squeeze too hard, be gentle. Rinse till all the shampoo is removed. Then apply conditioner of your choice and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing normally.

Dreadlocks Hairstyle Ideas

This probably is the biggest reason besides other ones of why we get dread locks. We all want to look chic and hot. And why not looking good is our birth right.

1. Show-off the length

Dreadlocks maintenance

The beauty of hair lies in its length. Longer the hair, gorgeous they look. Let your dread locks flow in air simply without any other styling. That is the simplest yet the most stylish look of dread locks. You can add extension if you have short locks.

2. Braid them

Dreadlocks maintenance

Braiding the dread locks together will give a thick looking hair. To spice up your overall appearance you can add hair accessories.

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3. Pull of that dreadlock bun

Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Dreadlocks maintenance

For a relaxed look and to be comfortable you can smoothly tie up the locks into a bun. The bun will stay for hours. This is a great way to style up locks when you need long lasting sleek look just like office, dates or gathering.

Written by Tikli Team

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