How To Be Happy and Stay Postive All Time – 40 Simple Ways

How To Be Happy

One of the biggest questions that roam within our minds is how to be happy? Sometimes, the answer to such a short question can feel so humongous. Although it is absolutely true that different people have different perceptions of happiness, there is one kind of happiness that remains common among us all-the internal happiness. And, in this post, you are going to see some beautiful ways through which you can find the answer to this deep question- how to be happy?

How To Be Happy

Happiness comes from you. No one else can make you happy. You make you happy. – Beyoncé

So, let us begin!

1. The idea of happiness lies within you!

The most misinterpreted idea is the idea that happiness requires the involvement of foreign things. While the actual truth is that, happiness and the idea of it lie within you. You can control emotions most of the time. Only you have the power to know what you want to feel. So, remove the negativity from your thoughts and see the magic happening!

2. Happiness does not really lie within material things

Another common misconception among us humans is that only money and materialistic things can make us happy. The media promotes this thought a lot. But ask yourself, how long will these materialistic pleasures last? And where would you go when you no longer are in the capacity to maintain a high-class lifestyle? According to various researches, rich people are more likely to be prone to depression and other deadly mental illnesses. So, expensive stuff and lifestyle do not always guarantee happiness.

3. A truly happy person knows their true worth

A person who knows their true self-worth can never fall into the trap of cunning people who use people with low self-worth like trash. Know that the people who do not appreciate you, do not deserve you, AT ALL!

4. Self-love leads to true happiness

How To Be Happy

When you learn to love yourself, you start to understand the people who did you wrong. You also learn to understand that you deserve so much more… you deserve the world! So, practice the value of self-love just like you practice any other moral or principle in your life!

5. Never run behind the unrealistic beauty standards

Nowadays, it has become very easy to ruin someone’s life with the help of these unrealistic beauty standards. These lie among the entire humanity- even children are not left alone. This is just an absurd ideology that actually kills people’s self-esteem from within. Just remember one thing- no human being is born without imperfections. That is what makes us humans!

6. When you build your self-confidence, you build the house of happiness along with it too!

When you develop your self-worth and self-confidence by practicing the value of self-love- know that you are unstoppable! The happiness for which you have searched for always will automatically come and knock at your door! The house of happiness is built on the bricks of self-confidence!

7. Surround yourself with people who are genuinely there to support you through thick and thin

There are people who will be there when you are at your best, and sometimes they disappear when you hit the rock bottom. Those are the people you certainly do not need in your life. You need to surround yourself with people who support you through thick and thin. Those are the people who will teach you how to be happy!

8. Remove the negative people from your life!

We all have that one person in our lives who is the epitome of negativity. You are thinking about them? Am I correct? They will be always there to criticize you and no matter what you do you are not “good enough” for them. And when you are happy they are there to ruin your mood. Now, tell me, do you really have the need to have such people in your life?

9. Toxic people only hinder your growth, get rid of them!

Toxic people will always be there to hinder your growth, they are the ones who act like slow poison and kill you from within. For the love of God and your happiness kindly remove them from your life!

10. Do what makes you happy!

You are not entitled to listen to anyone. You are your own person. So, do not hesitate to do things that make you happy! Even the little things count!

11. Learn to stand up for yourself

No one knows you better than you know yourself. So, learn to stand up for yourself. It will certainly be difficult for you in the beginning but trust us, the end process will be worth it!

12. Keep people at a fair distance, do not let their thoughts affect you negatively

People who you trust with your heart can sometimes hurt you badly. So, try to keep them at fair distances in the beginning. Only let a few special people in who shall support you with pure intentions. And never ever let someone’s negative thoughts affect you. Listen from one ear, remove from the other. It works every time!

13. Encourage yourself to build a boundary for people

When people see your kindness, they can sometimes try to misuse it. So, please encourage yourself to maintain healthy boundaries for yourself and do not barge in the boundaries of other people! It works both ways.

14. Do not let anyone push you over, do not be a pushover!

Saying NO to someone is not being selfish. Especially when you feel that the person who is asking for your favor is actually using you. You can also say no if you feel like things are becoming too exhausting for you. Remember, you are a human being. Do not let anyone push you over and misuse you! That’s one of the ways you can get the answer of how to be happy!

15. Always have a genuinely pure heart

Having a pure and kind heart is one of the best things which you can have in your personality. If you do not know how to have a pure heart, you can start with the small acts of service. Take care of your family, friends, and other loved ones. Be patient even when you are with strangers. These small things can make huge differences in your life!

16. Treat people with kindness

Treating someone with kindness does not cost you any money. In fact, being kind even to strangers can make you happy more than any materialistic thing could. So, go wear your brave and kind heart on your sleeve and spread goodness around the world!

17. Always help people while you can

To help someone is the greatest gift which humanity is blessed with. If you have the power to help someone then do it without a doubt in your mind. And see how happy it makes you at the end of the day!

18. Meditate to cleanse your mind


A clean and healthy mind is the key to a happy and content life. Meditation has the power to calm your flooding mind, it helps you to focus on yourself, and in getting rid of the thoughts that lead you to the state of sadness, despair, and restlessness. Even meditating for 15 minutes can do magic for your happiness level!

19. Write your feelings on a paper when your mind is too loud

Do you ever feel like your mind is being too loud? Is it so loud that you can not focus on the crucial things of your life? You can always write your extreme emotions on paper. This is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharper, and healthier. And your soul happier!

20. Learn to accept things, even when they are not in your favor

Everything does not work always work the way that you want. It is best for your mental health that you accept this thought and move on to the next important things in your life!

21. Accept that you can not have control over everything and everyone

Note this down: you can not control everyone and everything. Even if not having control makes you restless and panicked, and generally unhappy. When you try to establish your control everywhere it actually raises your expectations. These high expectations are not always met with positive results. And this is the reason why you can not be happy with your life.

22. Develop and maintain hobbies

Studies prove that developing and maintaining hobbies is essential for us. And it definitely has positive effects on your mood, lifestyle, and personality. So, go out there and develop and fall in love with your hobby!

23. Take a break every once in a while

The most common mistake that we humans do is overworking ourselves. Everyone has a capacity, a certain amount of work that they can do in the given time period. Even if overworking yourself may look good in the beginning, it has adverse effects later on. So, take a much-deserved break from time to time!

24. Explore your surroundings

How To Be Happy

Now, I am going to sound like a mother. Go outside of your home and do not stay cooped up in your room all day. You only have one life, explore different areas. Start with your surroundings and you will soon notice the beauty of nature that you had been missing on for all this time!

25. Go on trips to your favorite destinations

How To Be Happy

Taking vacations to your favorite destinations is the ultimate key to happiness! Rome, Italy, Spain, Greece, Paris, and so many other beautiful places are yet to be ticked off. Pack your bags and book your flight right now buddy!

26. Think of your safe spaces when you feel low

Everyone has that one happy space that is the closest to their hearts and soul. Be it your home, your friend’s home, your favorite park where you used to play, or any other place for that matter. Those places will make you happy when you think about it!

27. Count your blessings- they made you what you are today

We all are blessed with much happiness in your life. Be grateful that you have these blessings. They have a big role in making who you are today!

28. Think of the people who make you feel happy

Thinking about your loved ones and the happy memories you have made with them in this journey of life can actually boost your happiness level to the extreme. Think about them the next time you feel sad and lonely!

29. Connect with nature and your own roots

How To Be Happy

A good trail with serene nature is the supreme bliss that you can experience. So, when you are feeling a bit low, take your hiking shoes and go for a walk around the hills, parks work the same too!

30. Keep learning about new things, cultures, life, or whatever you feel like

Human development is endless. The day you stop learning is the day you start to stop growing. So, keep learning new things, it can be literally anything that piques your interest.

31. Be content with what you have

Human wants are endless. There is always something that you will desire even after having the world in your hand. It is better to be happy and content with what you have instead of running behind things that do not make you feel content later on.

32. Be grateful- do not think of the term FOMO

How To Be Happy

All of us have the fear of missing out on FOMO in our life. The thing is, it is the wrong principle that you are following in your life. There are many opportunities which you have to let go of sometimes. You can not dwell in the past missed opportunities when you have the time to make more! Remove the fear of missing out from your mind to be happy.

33. Instead, think of the term YOLO

You only live once– this should be the real motto of your life. Instead of worrying about the things which you are missing, think about the things that make you happy. This is because, you only have one life, and you have to live it to the fullest!

34. Do not adhere to what people think about you and say about you

What people say does not matter to you, affects you, or your behavior in any way. And if it does, teach yourself to ignore it. After all, what they say does not really make any difference positively!

35. Learn about the philosophy of life and have one of your own

Having your own philosophy of life can help you stay focused and help you achieve your goals. It is for the best that you develop your own philosophy rather than adopting someone else’s.

36. Develop a spiritual connection

How To Be Happy

You can not find happiness out in materials. There has to be a developed spiritual connection that makes you feel happy and content on the inside. This is the answer to the question of how to be happy!

37. Learn that life is a balance of victories and defeats

You will not always have victories, nor will you have defeats always. Learn to accept that these are temporary. And do not let the circle of victories and defeats affect the level of your happiness in anyways!

38. Grass ain’t greener on the other side

We humans have this thought embedded in our minds that other people have lives better than us. Which is completely wrong. All of us have our own set of problems and it is our work to solve those problems accordingly. And happiness will come to you automatically!

39. Be brave to accept your feelings even if they are negative

You need to accept all of your feelings, even if they are negative ones. Feeling guilt, sadness, displeasure, anger, jealousy, and many other negative emotions are a part of your life. You can only move on towards the next course of your life after you have learned to accept your feelings!

40. The secret of how to be happy is to know that not everything shown on social media is true

Whatever you see on social media does not necessarily have to be the truth. People sugarcoat the things they post and they also have the habit of showing off. This can lead people to think that the people on social media are always happy and a joy to be around. These people hide their real life and their real nature- which is like most of us.

This leads to the general feeling of worthlessness among people. Long-term effects include depression and anxiety. So, please learn that not everything that is shown to you on social media is the truth.

Now, that you know the secret of how to be happy, be sure to share this post among your family and friends to make them know this special secret too!

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Written by Mitali Joshi

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