Coconut Oil for Face: Skin Benefits, How to Use, and More

Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil for Face and Ways To Use

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Cocos Nucifera or Coconut is one of the best natural things in the world. Even better is the byproduct of this hard fruit – Coconut oil. People have been using Coconut Oil for Face protection, cleansing, and brightening for thousands of years. Coconut oil is multiple purposes, from your kitchen to natural medicines to traditional purposes, and even in skincare treatment, Coconut has your back.

One of the biggest advantages that coconut oil has is that it is chemical-free and completely organic unlike the other costly and chemically induced products available in the market. Also, it is completely economical which means that you don’t need to spend any extra additional money, you can find coconut oil right in your home.

Coconut Oil for Face - Tikliglobal

Now, without any further delay let’s begin with the benefits of using Coconut Oil for face and ways to use it.

1. Coconut Oil for Face as Sunscreen

Now, isn’t that cool that you can use coconut oil as your sunscreen? Of course, it is! No need to purchase those costly and chemically overloaded sunscreens when you have the organic and safe to use coconut oil for face.

How To Use Coconut Oil as Sunscreen

Just take a few drops on your hand and gently massage it on your face with your index finger. Massage in both anti-clockwise and clockwise motion for approximately 2 minutes.

In this way, the oil will seep into your open pores and will prevent damage to them by the harsh sun and the UV rays emitted from it. Coconut oil has anti-aging properties which also makes it a good option to use as a sunscreen.

2. To Heal Your Scars, Blemishes, and Other Bruises

Coconut oil has rejuvenating properties which makes it an excellent option for you if you are facing problems with your face. The healing properties will work nimbly on your damaged skin and will also promote rejuvenation of the skin cells. One of the biggest wins is that this natural treasure will also make sure that there is no further damage is caused to your sensitive skin.

This is really beneficial for people who have stubborn acne scars, other blemishes, and bruises on their faces.

Coconut Oil Mask To Remove Scars

For this, all you gotta do is take 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil inside a bowl. Mix it with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. After the mixture is ready apply it softly on the affected skin with your thumb and index finger. Let the paste settle and dry out on your face for 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water and wipe your face with a clean towel. Repeat the process for 15 days and you will start noticing the difference right from the first 3 days.

3. Use as Lip Balm

You can even use coconut as your personal lip balm instead of those artificially flavored lip balms and lip moisturizes available in the market. As we told you before, coconut has excellent rejuvenating and repairing properties which makes the perfect lip balm choice for you this coming winter!

Apply the oil on your lips and massage it soothingly. The oil will quickly start to repair your damaged and chapped lips and will give them a shiny appeal. During the winter months, your lips become extra sensitive. It is necessary to stop the seeping of any foreign particles inside of them. So, you should not apply any artificially flavored lip balm on them.

4. Reduce The Tension on Your Face Muscles

A regular massage with help your facial muscles to relax and unwind. Take a few oil drops and heat them until they are lukewarm. Massage it soothingly and practice self-love!

5. Coconut Oil For Face as a Moisturizer

Tend to your dry and damaged skin with the help of organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is a very good moisturizer and will help you get the soft and bouncy skin that you dream of!

Coconut Oil Mask For Face

For that, you need to get 2 ½ teaspoons of pure coconut oil and mix it with 4 ½ teaspoons of raw milk. Prepare the mixture and apply it to your face with cotton balls. Let it settle in for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with cool water. Get ready to see the results within a week!

6. Natural Makeup Remover

Hey, you makeup enthusiast! We have got a cool update for you! It is about time you started to use coconut oil as your makeup remover! Why do you ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple you see. Coconut oil will go gentle on your skin which is a much-needed thing if you apply makeup for long periods of time.

It will also reverse the damage caused by the harsh chemical compounds present in your makeup. And who doesn’t love a soothing caress of coconut oil on their faces after a long and tiring day?

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7. Coconut Oil With its Anti-Aging Properties

As you may be aware of the fact that coconut oil is filled with anti-aging properties. It has vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin A which makes it’s a perfect skincare product for you.

All you got to do is apply the drops of virgin coconut oil on your face especially near your eyes, forehead, and cheekbones. Soon you will start to notice that the fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin will start to become firmer and healthier.

8. To Tend to Your Irritated Skin

You definitely need to try coconut oil for the face if you are suffering from any kind of irritation of the skin. Within a few days, you will notice that your skin will become more relaxed and smooth!

9. Naturally Healthy and Glowing Skin

The natural and nurturing properties of coconut oil will help you get glowing and nourished looking skin easily!

10. You Go Through a Highlighter

Are you having a hectic day and this is just the beginning? Are you running late for your office and still haven’t done your routine makeup? Well, don’t worry, you can just rub coconut oil on your cheekbones and use it as your go thorough highlighter for the day!

Written by Mitali Joshi

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