20 Simple But Effective Tips To Look More Attractive

How To Look Attractive

Beauty has different definitions for different people. For some people matching the current beauty standards are the definition of beauty and for some beauty lies within the personality of a person. The question which puzzles you out the most is how to look attractive? In the next few minutes, we are going to help you find the answer to this simple yet overwhelming question.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. We all have been listening to this quote since our childhood. And this statement remains true even in today’s era, where beauty and attractiveness have thousands of statements.

You certainly do not have to adhere to the current high beauty standards. It is a common mistake that most of us make, thinking that not having a specific type of body makes us look unattractive. This in turn reduces your self-esteem levels drastically, making you think low about yourself.

There is one thing that you should keep in mind, your body does not define your level of attractiveness. Bodily beauty may fade over time but what would remain is the attractiveness of your personality. Studies say compassion is one of the most attractive qualities any person can have!

How to look attractive? A thought-provoking question. You can be attractive using the tips we have stated below-

Tips To Enhance Your Personality to Look Attractive!

1. Be confident to look attractive

How To Look Attractive

Confidence is the key is to everything. A good level of confidence is one aspect of the question of how to look attractive. With your charisma you can capture every room you walk in and have a command over people. Not only confidence makes you attractive, it also makes you earn the respect of the people around you. Nothing can be more attractive than a person who knows how to charm people with their self-esteem!

Pro-Tip: How to Look Attractive

Try using words of affirmation to yourself if you want to develop your self-esteem levels. It may be a little hard at first, but later on, you will be proud of your accomplishments!

2. Be brave

Some of the most attractive people in the world are those who are brave in nature. Being brave does not mean that you have to pick up fights with people around you at every given opportunity. Being a brave person means that, not running away scared in the face of adversity and facing them with a sharp mind and strong will. Facing the challenges in your life head-on is the answer to the question of how to look attractive!

3. Learn to give respect to others

How To Look Attractive

You can tell about a person’s true nature by how they treat people around them, and especially the people who are below their social status. Studies say that people who give respect to others, even strangers are considered to be highly attractive, than the people who do not give respect.


You can start with the little thank yous and I am sorry while talking to people. Also, say these words when you genuinely mean them. People can smell your fakeness from miles away, this will only make you feel low in their eyes. So, prevent that.

4. Set boundaries with people

Setting boundaries makes you look attractive and is also good for your mental health. Saying yes to everything just to please people around you, gives an impression that you do not have your own opinion and they can use you however they want. So, make a habit of saying no when you really feel like it. You are obligated to no one.

5. Raise your voice against the wrongs going around and with you

Opposing something which you do not agree with is a great quality to have. This shall prevent you from being a pushover and letting people walk over you. Being strong for yourself and your loved ones is an attractive quality to have!


Do not know where to start? Well, you can always start by showing your disagreement or your opinions on the topic of concern. Let people know about your thoughts and acknowledge them.

6. Learn to acknowledge your defeats and learn from them

In life, there are successes and defeats. One can not only have one of them throughout their life. So, while you are celebrating your wins do not forget to acknowledge your defeats. There is much you can learn from your defeats than from your success. Developing this habit makes you a lot more attractive, trust us!

7. Never stop the process of growing and evolving by learning

The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. Learning is an ever-growing process. You must not resist learning as it is the greatest tool to keep you evolving with the current times and problems. Evolving is a part of human nature.

8. Do what your heart desires

Never stop yourself from doing what your heart desires. Your heart knows how to make you happy, so be mindful to listen to it. There are high chances that you may regret not listening to your heart later on. So, why dwell on the missed opportunities when you can do want you to want today? Plus, following your heart calls makes you a lot more attractive!

9.  Never be afraid to follow your dreams

Sometimes our dreams can seem very scary, even to us. Sometimes we are afraid to take the leap of faith because we fear risking other things in our life. Just remember one simple thing- never be afraid to follow your dreams. No matter how difficult they seem. If you have the passion and zeal, you have the power to fulfill them! Studies find, that people who are passionate about something in their life are considered to be extremely attractive!

10.  Be kind, even to strangers

How To Look Attractive

Kindness never costs you any money. Being kind to someone can make their and your own day! People who are kind and humble even to strangers are considered to be some of the most attractive beings. Apart from that why should you not perform a deed of kindness huh?

Tips To Enhance Your Looks to Look Attractive!

1. Keep your hair groomed at all times

How To Look Attractive

Neatly trimmed and styled hair makes an excellent impression on people. In a day you must be meeting a lot of people. To make your mark on them, you should have your hair groomed to perfection. Apart from that, groomed hair are easier to maintain, and less prone to hair damage, scalp damage, and common problems like dandruff.

2. Have your nails trimmed and groomed- How to look attractive?

Keeping your nails short and clean leaves a very good impression on the people you meet. Sometimes people judge the person before them by their nails. So if your job requires you to meet new people every day be sure to keep your nails trimmed and neat.


If you are going for your interview, try not to keep your nails sharp. You can leave an unprofessional image in front of your would-be boss if your nails are sharp like blades!

3. Follow the rules of basic hygiene- How to look attractive?

Having a basic hygiene routine is a must for everyone. Wear tidy clothes, sweaters, and other outfits to work, take a shower once a day. Keep peppermints if you have a case of bad breath. Remember these little things are what either make or break your image!

4. Protect yourself from the Sun

Although Sun is considered to be the ultimate source of Vitamin D, too much exposure to it can be deadly for your skin. The UV rays emitted from the sun are the prime reason for skin cancers of different kinds. Too much exposure to the sun can leave sunburns too. So, do not forget to apply your sunscreen before you step out of your house every day!

5. Wear proper attire for suitable occasions

How To Look Attractive

The way you dress does not only reflect your inner self but also leaves an impression of how serious you are for a particular occasion, be it a function, or your job. Certain occasions require a decent set of clothes like official meetings, weddings, other special occasions, etc. You should be ready to dress your best as it may be the best opportunity to leave a nice impression on the people you are going to meet for the first time and on the ones you already know!

6. Have a signature perfume- How to look attractive

How To Look Attractive

Perfumes are one of the best things in the world. Choose your signature perfume, smell like a delight, feel happy and fresh all day long. Bonus, you also would not have to be worried about your BO!

7. Accessorize as per the occasion

Accessories are a big part of your overall outfit. Wear a wristwatch for formal occasions and other informal accessories like hand bands for informal occasions.

8. Exfoliate regularly

Your delicate skin goes through a lot every day. Be sure to pamper it by exfoliating it at regular intervals!

9. Have a healthy diet to look attractive

How To Look Attractive

A healthy diet that is full of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, etc. helps your skin and body in being fresh and free from any major diseases. Be sure to have a healthy diet! In this way, you have the answer to your question of how to look attractive!

10. Say no to smoking

Smoking not only reduces your living years but also affects the health of your skin. There are higher chances that you may have wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging if you are a regular smoker!

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