20 Unique and Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Are you been invited to a baby shower and you have no idea what to buy? No need to worry, there are generous amounts of gifts available in the market and we are going to help you pick the right one.

You need to keep certain things in check before buying any gift, you need to ask yourself some questions like is my gift having any practical use? Is the gift a good investment? The gift is having some sentimental value or not? Is the gift useful for the parents? And many such similar questions.

Here are the best 20 baby shower gift ideas:

1. Photo albums:

 Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Photo Album
Photo Album Designed by Meher Creations

Photo albums are your go through a gift for this occasion. These photo albums are available in various themes that are baby-friendly. Make sure you purchase such type of albums.

2. Baby Blanket:

Baby Blanket - Baby Shower Gift Ideas

These blankets are made up of very soft material that is friendly to the baby’s skin. Baby blankets are available in various designs that are really adorable.

3. Superhero onesies:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Have your own miniature superhero by buying cute superhero onesie. Nearly every superhero onesie is available on eCommerce platforms.

4. Parenting Books:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Parenting Books

Parenting books have tons of information on babies and are really helpful to new parents who don’t have a single clue about newborns.

5. Baby Gift Basket:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Baby Gift Basket

Gift baskets and hampers are also a great gifting option. These hampers can contain baby products like baby soaps, baby lotions, baby oils, nursing items like milk bottles, pacifiers, and stuff like that. These gift baskets are a relief to the parents.

6. Soft Toys:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Soft toys will be cherished by the child even after he/she grows up. Soft toys like teddy bears, dolls, and animal soft toys really have a way towards the child’s heart.

7. Neck Pillows:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you are searching for something economical then the baby neck pillow is an excellent choice. Newborns have very fragile necks; they require support and these pillows are good for the baby’s delicate necks.

8. Personalized Mugs:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Personalized gifts are in trend. They have a great range and come at various prices. Personalized mugs are one such option. You can print the baby’s name or even a quirky one-liner that only you and the parent of the baby know.

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9. Personalized Onesies:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Just like personalized mugs, you can gift personalized onesies on a baby shower. The onesie can be of any animal or bird-themed or even cartoon themed. It can have some funny lines on it like; always hungry, proceed with caution, just born or something like that you got the idea.

10. Personalized costumes:

These are again similar to personalized onesies but of course with slight variations. Costumes of pirates, mermaids, fairies, astronauts, racers, police firefighters and so much more. The choices will confuse you but the options will never end.

11. Three-piece suits:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Have your miniature CEO by purchasing three-piece suits for the baby. We bet they would steal hearts.

12. Diapers:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Customized Diaper Packing by SafiraAbowath & SumaiyaToorawa

For parent diapers are the never-ending nightmares. Give them some relief by gifting diaper hampers for the baby.

13. Spa Coupons:

Having a newborn can be tiring, gift the parent some spa coupons and help them rejuvenate.

14. Baby Booties:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby booties are so cute! These small shoes give such an adorable appearance to the baby. Baby booties are available in cute animal and cartoon prints and some have glitters and patterns with vibrant colors, we recommend those.

15. Baby Carriers:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby carriers are one of the best gifts for both the parent and the baby. Classic baby carriers are available in blue, pink, and grey colors but now the colors have increased and you can have any color you want.

16. Footed Pajamas:

Footed pajamas are warm and cozy apart from being the comfiest outfit for the baby. Footie pajamas come in different patterns and designs and we would suggest getting warm colors for the little munchkin.

17. Baby Books:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

There are various baby books available that help the baby learn some basic concepts in a fun way. These baby books have various illustrations and graphics that easily capture the young curious minds.

18. Building Blocks:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Building blocks are the all-time favorite gift for babies. They learn coordination, planning, and explore new ideas while playing with building blocks.

19. Name Books:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Parents are always confused while choosing the child’s name. Gifting them a name book will be an immense help.

20. Squeaky Toys:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Babies love anything that makes noise. Squeaky toys are one such gifting option. These squeaky toys are available in cartoon forms, vegetable forms, animal forms, fruits form, and much more. Make sure you purchase toys that are nontoxic.

Written by Mitali Joshi

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