21+ Beautiful and Trendy Wrist Tattoos for Women

Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in the current times. There are people who love to adore their bodies with this magical ink. Some go for huge and abstract tattoos while some go for small and detailed ones. Each of these tattoos has its own impact. In this article, we are going to check out the next trendy wrist tattoos for women!

For the first time inkers, wrist tattoos make an excellent choice as you get to know your pain tolerance. If you can handle the pain of the needle on your wrist then girls, you can be a superwoman!

Wrist Tattoo

Also, for regular or semi-regular inkers wrists hold special importance. A lot of emotions can be held by your extraordinary wrist tattoo. People usually tend to ink very meaningful and sentimental tattoo designs on their wrists. One of the main reasons being that you can look at your wrists anytime you like and be connected to the message that the tattoo wishes to say. The other being that usually you are the only one who can see the wrist. That way the person can be kept.

It is also easier to hide these tattoos with long-sleeved clothes if there are any restrictions and uniform codes in your jobs.

Now, that you know the reasons to get a wrist tattoo, let’s move to the next section of this post.

We have handpicked these designs as per the requirements of the current style and the needs of our audience. So, let’s check these wrist tattoos for women out!

For Travelers who Love to Explore!

This type of wrist tattoos for women is an excellent choice for women to like to travel around the world and explore every single breath-taking destination!


You can also include a travel symbol like a camera shown in the picture above to showcase your love for traveling and at the same time add a personal touch to your tattoo.

What would even be more memorable is that you ink this tattoo design while you are at your holiday destination!

Wrist Tattoo for Women
Source:  Luana Dorea

Some Birds Fly High…

Birds are the symbol of freedom, rebellion, hope. Getting yourself a bird tattoo on your wrist will always serve as the symbol of the above feelings and will help guide your soul towards your goals.

Wrist Tattoo for Women
Wrist Tattoo for Women
Source of the image: Eloise

Symbolic Wrist Tattoos for Women

If you are searching for something that is very symbolic and at the same time is not the top type of design, then you should go for something like in the image below.

This design is not only symbolic but at the same time is it inked the geometric pattern making it a perfect blend of both worlds.

A must-try we suggest!

Wrist Tattoo for Women

Small Wrist Tattoo
Image Credit: Erin Nina Greene on Instagram

Hold on To Your Faith…

Small Wrist Tattoo
Credit: Tattoo Shiraz on Instagram

To Infinity and Beyond!

Wrist Tattoo for Women

Image credit: Instagram

Intricate Flower Wrist Tattoos for Women

Wrist Tattoo for Women
Wrist Tattoo for Women
Source: The Tattoo Galaxy on Instagram

Butterflies on Your Wrist to Brighten up Your Day!

Wrist Tattoo for Women
Small Wrist Tattoo
Credit: Luke on Instagram

A Little Love in Your Hands is all You Need
A credit of the image: Hanna on Instagram

Crescent Moon to Guide Your Path
Credit: Yazz .Fineline & floral tattoo on Instagram
Wrist Tattoo for Women

All Good Things Come from Thinking!

Do you like a quick session of brainstorming every now and then? Are you a big fan of generating tons of ideas? Can we assume you as a thinking machine? Well, then we found the perfect tattoo for you, my genius!


You can also ink different types of other doodles which represent the inner legend in you as per your liking. Like pens, feather quills, or even different gadgets if you want! This would indicate the quick wittiness of your brain.

Remember, ink anything that you feel like is correct!
Image Credit

For The Little Angel Living in Your Soul
Credit: NEEDLE POINT on Instagram

Waves That Keep You Grounded

Small-wrist-tattoo-for-women -
Source: Tattoo Shiraz on Instagram

Flowers on a Gloomy Day Make Everything Better
Source of the image

Lotus Wrist Tattoo for Women

Wrist Tattoo for Women

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Image Credit: handpoked tattoos suzie on Instagram

Mandala Wrist Tattoo

Wrist Tattoo for Women

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Written by Mitali Joshi

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