Small Temporary Tattoo Designs To Try Out This Season!

Temporary Tattoo

Are you craving a little magical treat for yourself? If yes, then what better than getting yourself an amazing temporary tattoo! Temporary tattoos are becoming one of the coolest fashion statements in recent days and we think that you should be the one joining the trend community too!

Difference between a regular tattoo and a temporary tattoo?

Well, yes! Temporary tattoos can stay on your skin for a few days, but the ink wears off gradually. The tattoo is under the skin layer, deep enough to stay dark and look like a real inking but not deep enough like the permanent tattoos.

Does a temporary tattoo hurt?

No, not at all. A temporary tattoo is applied just like the tattoo stickers you had as a kid. It is very easy to apply!

Is a temporary tattoo safe for my skin?

A big yes! The products that we have on this list with us today are completely safe for your skin! The company INKBOX.COM makes a certain plant-based formula for the ink of the tattoo, making it safe for your skin.

Bonus points: Your new tattoo is going to be animal cruelty-free too!

Now that all of your questions have been answered let us check out the Temporary tattoo designs that you need to try this season!

Cute and Trendy Temporary Tattoo Ideas

Michelangelo’s magic for you!

Temporary Tattoo

The below tattoo is inspired by the famous Italian artist’s painting of Adam’s hand reaching out to God’s hand. This represents humanity and the divine creator, and at the same time, it is considered to be a symbol of never giving up on one’s dreams.

The mysterious Medussa!

Temporary Tattoo

We all know Medussa for turning the people who looked in her eyes into stones. But what if we take a different take on the old known story? Medussa can be seen as a powerful figure who had command over people! Why not carry the feeling of power along with you with this mysterious tattoo!

Small snake temporary tattoo design

Temporary Tattoo Designs

Temporary Tattoo

Snakes are known for their extreme wittiness, irresistible charm, fierceness, and the sense of being true to their nature no matter what. This makes getting a snake tattoo even more meaningful. Also, small snakes look just so cute!

The butterfly effects!

Temporary Tattoo Designs

Temporary Tattoo

Butterflies are a symbol of happiness, hope, purity, curiosity, brightness, positivity, and all the happy things in life. You must be aware of the butterfly effect, so why not bring the same to your life with this positive tattoo!

Small sun temporary tattoo to shine

Temporary Tattoo Designs

Small sun tattoos are just as meaningful, and the best part about this design is that you have the freedom to choose where to place it. Sun tattoos represent light, creativity, and fertility.

A little heart for a pretty you!

Temporary Tattoo Designs

Temporary Tattoo

Who does not love one of the most classic and loved tattoos of all times- the heart tattoo? A heart tattoo represents love, positivity, happiness, and so much more! You can get a heart tattoo for yourself or even remember a loved one in your life. There are different meanings of this lovable tattoo to different people!

Flowers make everything right!

Temporary Tattoo Designs

Temporary Tattoo

From a city lover to a country lover, there is no person in this world who cannot fall in love with flowers! So, getting yourself a temporary flower tattoo is just the right thing to do! The flowers will look great in any ink, colorful, or even the classic combo of black and the color of your skin. The choice is up to you. Just know that any day is brighter with flowers on it!

Get yourself a lovely thigh temporary tattoo!

Temporary Tattoo

If you love yourself an outline tattoo, then, we have got a thing just for you! Take a look at this lovely thigh tattoo, the leaves and the flowers are just going to make you happy for days!

Heartbeat tattoo for the lovebirds out there!

Temporary Tattoo

Hey, there lovebirds! Yes, we see you! So, how could we forget a heart-warming matching tattoo for you both? Check out the simple, meaningful, and classic heartbeat tattoo for your other half!

When Yin meets Yang!

We have the traits of both Yin and Yang in us, that is what makes a. So, why not acknowledge the fact with a simply alluring Yin and Yang tattoo?

Bonus points:

Even couples can go for the Yin and Yang tattoo design, as they also complete one another!

Temporary Tattoo

One of stars, sun, and phases of the moon!

Temporary Tattoo

Hey there, you fellow space enthusiast! We got a little something for you! Check out the temporary tattoo with the Sun, the Stars, and the phases of the Moon!

This one is for the space nerds!

Temporary Tattoo

And if you want to check out something different space-related, we bring you the planets of our galaxy! If you love a design that pays attention to detail, then, you will also notice the little moons that each planet has inked too! It is just a fun little tattoo!

Birds of a feather flock together!

Temporary Tattoo

The flock of bird’s tattoo is considered to be the ultimate symbol of hope, and unity! When birds fly together, they can cross even oceans! This can be considered as a reminder of the power of unity and hope for a brighter future!

To infinity and beyond!

Temporary Tattoo

The infinity symbol is the symbol that represents forever, which makes it a great tattoo design! In a way, you are opening up yourself to the infinite number of opportunities that life will give you and try to make the best of it! It can also be a tattoo that you get with a loved one like a friend, a partner, etc. This will represent that your love and bond are unbreakable and will stay till infinity and beyond!

A little smile to brighten up your day!

Temporary Tattoo

Just looking at a smile is enough to brighten up a dull day. So, when the dull and lengthy days hit you like a freight car and you seem to feel all bumped up, worry not! The smiley tattoo has got your back! This tattoo will always remind you to see the good in everything and always hope for all the greatness in life!

It is one of the most motivating temporary tattoos on our list!

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Written by Mitali Joshi

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