Best Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas for Friends and Lovers

Couple Tattoos

Every couple has their own unique story and so it is obvious that their couple tattoo shall be as unique as theirs. Matching couple tattoos have been becoming highly trendy these days. The couples who have deep devotion towards each other choose to ink special tattoos just for each other. Most of the time these tattoos are extremely meaningful and symbolic. Something that reminds them of their relationship. Like their first meet, their favourite things, quotes, animals, or something that is very personal to both of them.

Other times couples choose something entirely different, something comical, or just a random tattoo. Whatever they choose is absolute as per their liking and taste.

Matching Couple Tattoos

Remember one thing, the tattoo design that you both choose should call out to your heart. Like you both should definitely have a mutual agreement and liking towards the self tattoo. This inking is going to stay with you forever, so be mindful of the design that you both choose to ink. If you both are getting your first couple tattoo together, or second, or third (just saying), we are going to show you some of the upcoming trendy couple tattoo ideas that will make you and your Boo rush to the tattoo artist ASAP!!!

A bond stronger and mightier than the Whale

Couple Tattoos
Image Source: Jessica Puska on Instagram

If you feel like the bond of your hearts is stronger and mightier than the giant whale, then you should go for this couple tattoo!

Whales are considered to be one of the strongest mammals in the mammal kingdom. If your relationship has been through many hurdles and challenges and has come out stronger than ever, then you should certainly celebrate it with this couple tattoo idea.

You are the Nala to my Simba…

Couple Tattoos -
Source: Studio Tatuzu on Instagram

Is your relationship playful, energetic, young, and vibrant like the Lion King characters, Nala and Simba? Are you both about enjoying each other’s company and having loads of fun together? Do both of you love to go on secret adventures together?

If your answer is yes, then what are you waiting for? Go get this tattoo done ASAP!!!

Forever & beyond neck couple tattoo

Couple Tattoos -

Credit: Gurleen Saini on Instagram

Quotes make an excellent design idea when you are searching for something that is deep and meaningful. The quote could be out of your favorite book, movie, or even a song lyric that you both absolutely adore.

Some couples ink their first words to each other in the place of the quote. And that is really considerate and romantic!

The biggest advantage while getting the quote tattoo is that the possibilities of what to get inked are endless!

Geometric couple tattoo design

Couple Tattoos -
Image: THE INKSPOT on Instagram

Geometric tattoos are the current fashion statement. These tattoos are easier to ink and give off a smart and attractive vibe. There are many couples who love geometric tattoos. And they combine the designs to make a beautiful couple tattoo!

The geometric tattoos are for those people who like to keep things simple and are very calm and relaxed by their nature.

You are the wave that moves my mountain

Couple Tattoos -
Courtesy: Anuraj Tattoo artist on Instagram

Wherever I go, I will come back to you…

Couple Tattoos
Image source: TATTOO TEMPLE on Instagram

When you both complete each other

Couple Tattoos -
Source: Miike on Instagram
Couple Tattoos

Every Lion needs his Lioness
Image: Art Ali Ebrahimi on Instagram

I am free as a bird when I am flying to your cage…

Couple Tattoos -
Source: LUCKY Mee on Instagram

You are the Minnie to my Mickey…

Couple Tattoos -
Image credit: Joao Julio Araujo on Instagram

Angel wings couple tattoo

Couple Tattoos -
Source: Mirror Tattoo Studio Nagpur on Instagram

We swim out of every problem, together

Couple Tattoos -
Image: Jemkatatooart on Instagram

You are the poetry that I write with my quill

Couple Tattoos -
Source: Vijin Varghese on Instagram

Every King is incomplete without his Queen

Couple Tattoos -
Credit: Nika on Instagram

Everyone knows that the king is incomplete without his queen. Why not showcase the love for your beloved by getting this couple tattoo together?

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Written by Mitali Joshi

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